OUP: Brochure App

The Brief

To create an interactive presentation which would work on Apple iPad, Android tablet, and laptops, which could be taken round schools and colleges in Saudi Arabia to help promote English Language courses which had been developed with the Saudi Ministry of Education.

The Problem

This could have been done as an interactive PDF using Adobe Reader. However it would have meant making sure that Adobe Reader was installed on every device. Interactive events (such as button clicks) are not natively supported on ALL PDF readers, which would have given a very strange experience on some devices.

The Solution

To build a custom web-based presenter using a combination of HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery Mobile.
The presenter was then turned into in App for both Apple and Android stores using PhoneGap. With the added advantage that if a presenter was using an iPad, they had the option of saving the presentation as a WebApp, which meant it could be saved to the iPad without needing access to the Apple Store (ideal if using shared devices).

For laptops and desktops (both Windows and Mac) Adobe AIR was used to package the presenter in such a way that it worked like a regular computer program, again not needing to connect to the internet to display.

The presenter could also be viewed online in a web browser. If viewed in a modern browser it automatically stored images and text so that the presenter didn’t need to be connected to the internet.